Understanding How Tayamum

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Understanding How Tayamum

Tayamum allowed in two condition: when you do not find water and when not able to use the water due to illness or somelike that. Tayamum done for both kinds hadats, small hadats such as urinating, defecating or dispose of the wind, and large hadats like intercourse or semen out. Hadats is a dirt which cancel out your wudlu or tayamum.
In lieu of water then any what on surface earth, such as dust, soil, sand and in others, to the extent that if the earth is composed of rocks with no soil surface and not too little sand, then he should tayamum him.

This is Based on the hadith narrated by Jabir, may Allah-indeed meridhainya Prophet said: “It has made me the earth as a mosque and as a purify, then anyone from my Ummah to get the shalatlah prayer time, then got his side mosque and a tool for purification, and sometimes when prayers go while he was in the area of sand or sometimes when prayers go while he was in the stone, so in this case was ordered to bertayamum with (surface) Earth (this area). ”
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