Procedures, Bibliography, and Virtue Prayer Dhuha

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Dhuha is a prayer that is done when the sun rises until it is time for prayer duhur. Legallicy Dhuha prayer is sunnah, the sunnah is to be rewarded when done and if not done then it’s okay.

Procedures and reading Duha prayer:

  1. Dhuha prayer intentions will carry out
  2. In the first cycles of reading surah Al-Fatiha, and then we continnue with reading the letter of As-Sams
  3. In the second cycles of reading surah Al-Fatihah and spliced by reading a letter ADH-Dhuha

The virtue of prayer Dhuha:

Alms for the whole human body joints

Abu Dhar al-Ghifari ra, he said that the Prophet PBUH Muahammad said:

“In every one of you there own charity, every prayer beads (utterance Subhan Allah) is a charity, every tahmid (greeting alhamdulillah) is a charity, each of the Prophet (greeting lailahaillallah) is a charity, every Takbir is a charity, kindness is sent to the charity, prevent from kemungkaran is charity. And two cycles Dhuha be rewarded “(HR Muslim).

delegated his fortune, his fortune

From Abdullah ibn `Amr ibn` Ash `anhuma quoted, he said:

“Messenger of Allah sent an army war. The Prophet said: “Perolehlah gain (ghanimah) and hurry back!. They finally talk to each other about nearby destinations (places) war and the many ghanimah (gains) will be obtained and quick return (for close to its distance). Then the Messenger of Allah said: “Will you show me the closest destination from them (the enemy that will be fought), the most widely ghanimah (gain) and his quick return? They replied: “Yes! The Apostle said: “Whoever makes ablution ‘, then go into the mosque to perform prayers Dhuha, he was the closest tujuanannya (where the war), more ghanimahnya and faster return.” (Saheeh al-Targhib: 666)

Houses in heaven

For those who diligently Dhuha prayer, then he will be awakened in a house in Paradise. This is described in a hadith of the Prophet PBUH Muahammad:

“Anyone who prays Dhuha as many as four cycles and four cycles before, so it will be woken a house in the surge.” (Sahih al-Jami `: 634)

Memeroleh rewards in the afternoon

Abu Darda ‘ra, he said that the Messenger of Allah said:

“Allah ta` ala says: “O son of Adam, shalatlah for my four cycles of the early days, and I will fulfill your needs (reward) in the afternoon” (Sahih al-Jami: 4339).

In a history also mentioned: “` Almighty Innallaa yaqulu: Adama Yabna akfnini awwala bi’arba Nahar al-`i raka` at ukfika bihinna akhira yaumika “(” `Allah Almighty says:” O son of Adam, it is enough for my four cycles in the early days, so I’ll enough in the afternoon your day “).

Pahala Umroh him

From Abu Umaamah ra that the Prophet said:

“Whoever comes out of his house in a state of purification to perform obligatory prayer, then the reward is like a who perform Hajj. Everyone who came out to perform prayers Dhuha, then the reward is like a person who performs `Umrah …. (Saheeh al-Targhib: 673). In a another hadith which mentioned that the Prophet said: “Whoever is doing the dawn prayer (shubuh) in congregation, then he (the end) sits remembering Allah until sunrise, then he prayed two cycles (Dhuha), he gets a reward like the reward hajj and Umrah; perfect, perfect, perfect “(Sahih al-Jami`: 6346).

Forgiveness of Sin

“Anyone who performs Dhuha with lasting, will have his sins forgiven by God, even the sin as much foam in the ocean.” (Reported by Tirmidhi)
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